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About us

Welcome to Everything – Where Desk Meets Design

Hello, I'm Sneh Khatri, a curious content creator with a passion for all things desk-related. At Everything, we believe that the desk is the throne of the 21st century—a platform from which leaders, creators, and innovators rule the world. Yet, despite its significance, many desks suffer from poor organization, lack of style, and minimal innovation. That's why we started Everything.

Our Mission

Everything is not just a brand; it's a design revolution. We're here to transform your workspace with beautifully designed, functional desk accessories that not only serve their purpose but enhance your productivity and style. Our products are crafted to be part of your daily success story, ensuring that every element on your desk is optimized for your workflow.

Our Vision

We see buying not just as a transaction but as an invitation to join our community and movement. At Everything, you're not just a customer; you're a revolutionary stepping into a circle of like-minded individuals who value design, functionality, and innovation.

Our Products

From ergonomically designed water bottles to intricately stitched gadget organizers, each of our products promises quality and creativity at competitive prices. With features like leak-proof designs, heavy-weight bearing capacities, and easy-to-clean surfaces, we ensure that our accessories meet the highest standards of both form and function.

Why Choose Us?

  • Zero Customer Acquisition Cost: We invest in our products and content, not in costly marketing.

  • Competitive Pricing: We offer the best prices, with no compromise on quality.

  • Community Focused: Joining us means joining a movement towards better, more organized workspaces.

  • Personal Accountability: We fund our growth through interest loans, grants, and donations, ensuring our focus remains on our customers, not investors.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: All products come with a 15-day replacement and a 1-year guarantee.

Our Promise

At Everything, we're committed to continuous improvement—designing new products, creating engaging content, and chasing greatness. We're here to enhance your desk, inspire your work, and empower your journey.

Join us as we redefine the modern workspace. With Everything, it's not just about working—it's about working brilliantly.

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